If you have had a positive experience with Advanced Health Care or a specific caregiver and would like to share it with us in the form of a testimonial, please fill out this form.

Wonderful Caregiver

“Peter is wonderful. Mr. R. would not be here without him. He has changed his client’s life and I want to keep him for as long as possible.” Keith, client’s P.O.A.

Above and Beyond

“The girl that I have is one of the best in the county. She goes above and beyond in all of her services. She has empathy. She is not only a caregiver, she is also a friend. Even my dog likes her.” Mr. D., client

Flexible Scheduling

“Thank you for everything you do to provide the best quality care with flexibility. I have had to call our scheduler,
Mariah, multiple times because of my Mom’s constantly changing medical appointments. Each time, Mariah has been gracious in both her words and actions. Thank you!” Padua, May 2020

Five Star Rating

“I want to give Will a five star rating for what he does with my dad.  We could use caregivers from his facility, but Will’s caring attitude and consistency keeps us with Advanced Health Care.  He’s the best caregiver we’ve met and we’ll do all we can to keep him.  Thank you for sending Will to us!” Audrey S., May 2020

Staying Safe during COVID-19

“Julie, I want to thank you and the agency for sending me Cora. I have worked with her for a few years, now, and continue to appreciate her skills and her attitude. She is a very caring person. During this time of Coronavirus , I really appreciate her. We have worked out a schedule for errands that makes everyone feel safe.  Thank you for your communication – it is appreciated.
I hope you remain well and safe.” Mary M., May 2020

Angel in Disguise

“Cheryl’s caregiver Loridel has been an angel in disguise, she has been a great help, and speaking as Cheryl’s husband, I am not at all sure how well I would have coped on my own.” Alan H., April 2020

Taking Time with Clients

“I would like to give Brian a heads up for the work he does with Will.  Aside from caring for him physically, he takes time to visit with him and this makes Will so happy.  Will looks forward to Brian coming each Wednesday.  Thank you for the gloves and sanitizers.”  Donna W., April 2020

Attentive Caregiver

“I like the person that comes out. She is attentive. She is a self starter. She has a set routine.” Michelle C., February 2020

Communication with Office Staff

“They were also absolutely amazing. They were completely understanding when she passed away.” Amanda V., February 2020

Helpful Caregivers

“I’ve had two ladies come and both of them are very good. I am not able to do things like vacuuming and changing the bedding. They are very helpful with things like that. They are great. They have a caring nature. They are willing to assist with tasks. They have been prompt as far their arrival time. They have been helpful with suggestions.” Camille H., February 2020

Attentive to Needs

“Connie really clicks with my husband. She is attentive to his needs. She is very compassionate. The service is a blessing because it allows me to take a break.” Mrs. R., January 2020

Going Above and Beyond

“Leanne is just very kind and goes above and beyond the minimum requirement. She is very attentive.” Carolyn J., January 2020

Comfortable with Caregiver

“Doreen was very impressive and knew exactly what to do. We felt so comfortable with knowing that she was there with my dad.” Sharon, January 2020

Superb Caregivers

“They have really been great for me at every level. I’ve had them for over 10 years, and all of my caregivers have been superb. The administration has been great at keeping schedules straightened out. I don’t think I could ask for more from an agency.” Raymond B., December 2019

Showing Kindness

“They are on time, they have good supervision, they show kindness to others, and they have good senses of humor.” Anonymous, December 2019

Friendly Staff

“They have been very personal and friendly. They try to accommodate my needs and the times I need, which is very important.” Jackie G., December 2019

Long Term Clients

“I’ve had Advanced Health Care for a few years, and they’ve been very nice to me. They’ve been very good. They do quite a bit of everything for me. I’d recommend them to anyone.” Vernon S. December 2019

Flexible Scheduling

“They are flexible. If I needed to change scheduling, they were flexible about it. They’re reliable and responsive.” Jean P., November 2019


“She does a lot. She does more than I sometimes think she’s supposed to. I’m 91 years old and have bad shoulders,which is why I needed somebody. She makes my lunch, cleans, does my laundry, and drives me to go shopping. She can shop very well for me. I can’t think of much else that she needs me to do.” Betty N., November 2019

Positive Attitude

“I wouldn’t trade Yuriko for ten of the other caregivers. She comes in with a positive attitude and says good morning.She knows what my needs are, so we don’t have to discuss anything.” Harvey D., November 2019

Here for You

“Their attitudes are more on the clients. One caregiver said I am here for you. That is what they are about. They are here for me.” Donna T., October 2019

Keeping Track

“The helper that I have now is super. She does whatever I ask her to do. She listens carefully, she remembers what I am supposed to be doing, and she reminds me. It is nice to know that she is keeping track. She is very good” Carolyn S., October 2019

Keeping Clients Safe

“They have extended his life in a very positive way. They have helped him by doing things that conserves his energy and keeps him safe.” Dalwyn, October 2019

Qualified Staff

“They’re a flexible, capable, friendly, and qualified staff.” Jerry C., October 2019

Sincere Caregivers

“My caregiver has been wonderful because she’s very sincere and makes sure that I’m comfortable” Louise L., October 2019

On-Time People

“They are on-time people. If somebody doesn’t show up to work, they make sure they get someone in. If we need anything, we can call and tell them. They always let us know who is going to come out.” Eva P., September 2019

Compassionate Caregivers

“They understand what I’m going through and what I went through. They are very helpful and compassionate. They let me know I’m not alone.”Murray S., September 2019

Pleasant & Professional

“I found that they were very professional. I liked the two different care providers I had. They were very good, very pleasant, and very professional. They were also very aware of how to deal with a person in their home.”Kathy F., September 2019

Excellent Caregivers

“The people who come to care for Cheryl know what they’re doing, and they care. It’s made my life a lot easier. Lori and Claudia are excellent caregivers.” Alan H., August 2019

Modesty and Gracefulness

“I have had all my caregivers for 4 years, and they are amazing. During the showers, they handle me with modesty and gracefulness. They have become like my family.” Lisa F., August 2019

Positive Attitude

“I appreciate her positive attitude and that she takes any advice that I give her. I like that she comes in with a smile on her face.” Jean B., August 2019

Help When Loved Ones Are Away

“When my wife and I are at work, it is good knowing someone is there taking care of my dad and his needs.” Bill S. Jr, August 2019

Positive Interactions

“I like how they interact with my mom. They don’t just sit there silently. I can tell they take good care of her by how they interact.” Rebecca W., March 2019

Friendly Caregivers

“I appreciate that my caregivers are very friendly. They help me out, and they go above the call of duty. They also provide me with the materials that I need. They work their hours, and they provide extra help when I need it.” Willie S., March 2019

Everything I have Ever Needed…

“They have been wonderful. They have always been on time. I don’t have anything bad to say about it. They have been everything I have ever needed.”Louise L., March 2019


“I know when I leave my mom with the caregiver that she will be well taken care of. I do not have to worry about her.”Rebecca W., March 2019

Exceptional Communication

 “The caregivers both have Craig’s best interest in mind, and they are good at communicating with me if I have concerns or question.” Marilyn B., February 2019

Sensitive, Kind and Patient

“We adore Stacy. She foresees Mom’s needs before she even asks for things. She is efficient, warm, caring, sensitive, kind, and patient. She does everything she needs to do, and she is wonderful.” Deb N., February 2019

On-Call Scheduling Available 24/7

“Daun’s voice on the phone is always so reassuring and comforting.  She understands what I’m going through with my dad and goes out of her way to accommodate us and our requests, no matter how trivial they may be.”

Caregivers Go Above and Beyond

“I am so appreciative of the care my husband is receiving from Nicole.  Nicole goes above and beyond – she does not simply do the chores requested, but she has a special way of connecting with the client. She always makes sure that he feels safe, that his needs are met, and encourages his confidence  level by being there with him as he does various activities.  I would like to make sure Nicole is recognized for the wonderful job she has been doing, and the extra special care she has been providing for my husband.”
— Julie C., Olympia, April 7, 2016

Caregivers Brighten Day

“Shereen is a wonderful, caring caregiver. She brightens my day when she comes and I look forward to her coming. Shereen cleans items that I never even thought about cleaning and she always has a “contagious smile” on her face.”
— Samuel M., Tacoma, March 25, 2016

Honest and Patient Caregivers

“My caregiver Karen has more patience than I have ever encountered, and she is honest. I  don’t know if I have met such a person like her.”
–Patricia N., Olympia, March 18, 2016

Gratitude for AHC and Caregiver

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Advanced Health Care and especially to my father‘s caregiver Leanne.  I would not be able to have my father at home if it wasn’t for Leanne. Leanne has a very calm approach and is very proactive when she’s at my home. She does all tasks she is asked to do and has been able to deal with any situation she is handed.”
–Sherilee S., Tacoma, February 19, 2016

Pleased with Care

“I would like you to know how pleased I am with the care Astrid is providing me. Our personalities have meshed very well in a short time. I have had such a positive experience so far with Advanced Health Care, especially with looking forward to each visit with Astrid.”
— Jeanne H., Steilacoom, January 24, 2016

Putting the Needs & Care of Clients at Top Priority

“Advanced Health Care provides a high quality of home care and home health for our seniors and vulnerable citizens who do not qualify for Medicaid. They are highly ethical and put the needs and care of their clients as their top priority. It is important that seniors have access to safe, licensed home care in our communities and Advanced Health Care does a great job of providing that service.”

Leslie Emerick

One of the Best if not The Best Homecare Agencies in Washington

“The Advanced Health Care staff has been nothing but professional and courteous. I consider Advanced Health Care one of the best homecare agencies if not the BEST in Washington. Many times in the past when I needed information or needed to troubleshoot problems or issues with Veterans, Julie and her staff responded immediately and in a timely and professional manner. I have and will continue to recommend Advanced Health Care to Veterans or private citizens in the community for home care services.”

Tim Happeny
VA Contract Nursing Home Program Case Manager

Great Working Relationship

“We enjoy a great working relationship with Advanced Health Care.”

Catherine Koziar
Director of Hospice
Providence SoundHomeCare and Hospice

Advanced Health Care is the #1 Name I Give Them

“As the manager for the hourly care program at Gentiva, I felt the philosophy of care for clients as well as hiring caregivers at Advanced Health Care was basically the same as Gentiva’s and I felt comfortable referring clients and caregivers to them. In my position now, I do Intake for Gentiva and frequently receive calls from people requesting hourly care. I always refer them to Advanced Health Care. I have to give them at least three names, but Advanced Health Care is the #1 name I give them.”

Linda Duncan, RN, BSN
Intake Specialist
, Gentiva®