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Advanced Health Care is a locally owned and operated home care agency serving the needs of people in the Puget Sound since 1984. Not only do we serve our clients' needs with compassion and excellent care, but we offer both home care aides as well as nurses to serve clients with a wide variety of home care needs – from basic home care to complex care.

We serve a variety of clients from children to adults and the elderly. Home care services are available to help clients with short-term illnesses, recovering from accidents, recovering from surgeries, long-term care, chronic illnesses, ongoing needs, pediatrics, end of life, rehabilitation, diabetes, memory care and dementia care.

Perhaps you or your loved one has recently been hospitalized and needs help during the recovery process. Maybe you are faced with a new health care diagnosis and this requires that changes be made in your life style. Our Home Health Care Aides can help you with the necessary adjustments. All of our employees and clients are supervised by nurses – so clients get the best care possible at competitive pricing.