Holiday traditions are an important part of our culture.  Family and friends gather to celebrate, reminisce, and create new memories.  Our older family members are often the backbone of these gatherings.  Sometimes, in the midst of festivities and planning, we notice something isn’t quite right with our beloved family member.

The signs are often subtle, such as not answering the phone or a knock on the door – potentially a sign of hearing loss.  Bruises or bumps might be the result of falls.  General dinginess or unusual clutter may be the sign of many things, from poor vision to low energy to memory loss.  Take a look in the refrigerator and the pantry – are they stocked normally with healthy food?  What about your relative’s overall appearance?  Are they tidy and wearing clean clothes?  It’s difficult to notice small changes that occur gradually and often times it’s not until family arrives for the holidays that we noticed something is wrong.

How do we deal with these concerns?  Sometimes just checking things out with the health care provider is all it takes to adjust medications, get new eyeglasses, or obtain hearing aids.  Other times the solution isn’t as simple; perhaps they are experiencing memory loss, or have an illness or condition that impacts their daily lives.  Adding a caregiver to the home can be a simple and effective way to keep your loved one safe and independent.

Since 1984 Advanced Health Care has been keeping loved ones safe – at the holidays and all year long.  Our caregivers can help empower our clients to maintain their traditions and role in the family.  Shopping, cooking, and entertaining are all possible and fun again with the help of a caregiver.

Whether you’re looking for help for a few days, a few weeks or ongoing, Advanced Health Care is here for you.  Call us today to make plans to improve the life of your loved one, and allow everyone to enjoy the holidays, 800-690-3330.


Written by Julianne Ferguson, Co-Owner and Administrator of Advanced Health Care

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