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Read our recent blog post about Fighting the Winter Blues!

The social aspects of staying active in the winter months can be just as important as the physical benefits you gain. Being around others who want to socialize and have fun while getting exercise is an important element in fighting off the loneliness and depression that many of us can feel this time of year. Don’t let the short daylight hours and the winter weather conditions keep you isolated all season long.  Your local community or senior center may offer of range of activities, outings, and exercise groups.  Many churches, social clubs, and YMCAs also have programming to help you remain physically active and mentally, as well as, socially engaged during these colder months.

If you have mobility issues or can’t find something specific to join you are looking for, start your own group!  Whether you have a passion for quilting, playing cards, trying new restaurants, or walking indoors at the local mall – invite others to join in what you are doing and create your own community.  You may just find yourself looking forward to these activities to help you thrive, and not just survive, these winter months.

If someone you know is struggling with loneliness, isolation, or lack of socialization, a visiting caregiver a few times a week could be just what they need to find purpose and connection again.  Call our staff today to discuss care options for companionship and outings 800-690-3330

By: Lynessa Tinglum
Advanced Health Care, Community Relations Director

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