My office is unusually “full” this week.  There are boxes of prizes, gifts, games and decorations.  And balloons.  Lots of balloons.  It’s Skills Fair week – the week we, as administrative/support staff, come together to devote a day to caring, coaching, teaching, and mentoring our employees.  We’ve been planning this event for a year – since last June’s Skills Fair – and now we’re nearly ready.

The theme we selected for this year’s Skills Fair is “Lifting Each Other Up” – loosely based on the popular 2009 Disney Pixar movie “Up”.  If you haven’t seen this adorable movie I encourage you to do so – or at least watch the first 10 minutes.  It’s a love story, and an adventure.  It’s encouraging and empowering.  It’s a film about getting old, about regret, and about realizing that life is messy and out of control, as much as you might try to make it otherwise.  But it’s also a film about love, compassion and making sure that every day counts. 

Advanced Health Care employees embody this spirit of caring, compassion, and love in their work. They help our clients “make every day count” in endless ways.  A small task, such as a trip to the store, becomes an “adventure” as caregivers assist with unsteady gaits, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and portable oxygen.  They do this with a smile – and patiently stand by while the client looks for just the “right” birthday card for their grandchild, or searches for a specific brand of salad dressing, or the perfectly ripe apple.

In the office we strive to “lift each other up” by recognizing and honoring our devoted employees.  We know so many clients could not stay home without the support of these dedicated caregivers.  We are humbled by what they do, and the difference they make in so many lives.

It seems truly appropriate this week to have a “full” office, as our hearts are also “full”- knowing we truly work with the best of the best.   We are grateful to have the opportunity to “Lift Up” our employees – because they have already “Lifted Us.”

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