halloween-blogHalloween is quickly approaching, along with adorable children in costume, trick-or-treating for candy.  It’s a well established tradition and fun, family-friendly event. Did you know this holiday can also be a stressful time for seniors?  Some of the challenges seniors may face include:

  • Nighttime visitors/strangers, ringing the doorbell and clad in costume
  • Fear of falling when making numerous trips to and from door to pass out candy
  • Dark and alone – can cause fear and anxiety – any night, and especially Halloween!
  • Driving – small children can appear out of nowhere, and masks and excitement may make it difficult for them to pay attention to cars

Seniors may feel particularly vulnerable opening the door to mask clad strangers, especially if they’re home alone.  While they may love seeing the little ones with their jack-o-lantern candy pails, they are less enthusiastic about the teenager with a pillowcase.  Not opening the door can be just as worrisome, fearing retaliation or pranks for not giving out candy.

How can we help the seniors in our lives alleviate these fears?  Suggestions include:halloween

  • Don’t leave your loved one alone. Be with them, or have a trusted friend, family member or caregiver at their side.  If this is not possible, consider having the senior in your life visit you at your home for the Halloween holiday.
  • Keep the trick-or-treaters outside! Never invite children or their parents into your home – no matter how adorable their costume.
  • Keep the lights on! House lights, porch lights, outdoor lights – keep everything on and bright!  This helps with vision and prevents falls, and also is a deterrent to those pranksters who might be looking for easy prey!
  • Don’t drive! The streets may be crowded with the little trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  This is a good night for our senior friends to stay off the road!

Advanced Health Care will be giving out treats all day long on Halloween to our little ghosts and goblins.  We encourage our clients and employees to enjoy the holiday and stay safe.  And, if you’re looking for a caregiver to enjoy Halloween with your loved one, call us at Advanced Health Care, and we’ll arrange a perfect companion!


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